About Willowbrook

Do you want a beautiful wedding or event that people will remember?

From small, intimate get-togethers to themed 1,500 guest events, Willowbrook Farm offers an unforgettable backdrop with over 9,500 ground level square foot of barn enclosures. We will work directly with your event planner to ensure your event design ideas through day of on-site coordination are seamless and stress free.

Willowbrook Farm is located on a privately owned property and is a limited engagement facility. Only a handful of dates are offered for booking each year for weddings and special events. If you book with us you will not be just another date or booking but a special guest on our property.

We were blessed to have purchased this majestic property in the summer of 2013. Willowbrook Farm boasts 40 beautiful acres, a stream, two barns, two ponds, rolling fields, a fire pit and a beautiful envelope of trees and mountains. You will delight in the songbirds chirping, the water running through the brook, fragrant flower fields and the fresh open air. The sunsets fill the sky with amazing colors. It never fails to amaze us just how big the sky really is as the sun sets here. For events in the evening, you will be privy to the surreal view of a million stars in the sky. All of this and located just minutes to everything Franklin, TN has to offer.

This beautiful farm is the former home of Country Legend Carl Smith (NYTimes/Billboard) (Grand Ole Opry performer and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame) who had no less than 5 number one hits and an amazing 21 consecutive Top Ten hits from the 50s to the 70s. He had an impressive record of nearly 100 hits topping the charts, appeared in movies and had his own self-titled radio broadcast show titled “Carl Smiths Country Music Hall” for about 5 years. He is the father to a country singer in her own right, Carlene Carter whom was the result of his first marriage to June Carter Cash. This “Country Gentlemen” and his second singer wife, Goldie Hill lived out their later retired years here with their prize horses. Carl Smith has stated “Call me lucky, ever since I can remember I wanted to be a hillbilly singer and a cowboy. I was fortunate enough to do both of them.”

We have heard a number of funny stories since we purchased our farm. One was that Carl Smith “kidnapped” one of George Jones’ horses and brought it back here to the farm. Then Carl invited George over and nearly had him talked into buying his very own horse. More stories move to more somber encounters such as a visit from Kix Brooks after the passing of Goldie. A sad time, but fun to imagine all of those who have walked these grounds.

Keith and Leigh Neidhart are the owners of Willowbrook Farm. Previously owners of a custom homes construction company and a land development company, they have built many beautiful homes and served many appreciative customers. Angie’s List has requested that they be a featured provider due to high customer rankings.

They decided to move their family to Franklin, Tennessee after many trips across the southeast in search of a town to raise their children. Within minutes of their first visit, they fell in love with Franklin. The beauty of the area and the warm hearts of the people had won them over. After the blessing of purchasing Willowbrook, they are pursuing their passion of hospitality. “The more the merrier.” and “Everyone is welcome” are a couple of Leigh’s motto’s. Keith and Leigh have always loved entertaining and look forward to sharing their lovely property with you.

Leigh’s creative side is always at work, whether through her canvas, her home plan designing, floral pallet in the yard or decorative ideas. She is also a bit of a stickler for the fine details and always puts this to good use for her customers. Keith’s ingenuity and determination keep their endeavors flowing with ease. With an eager to please attitude, attention to the details and the know-how to get it done - together, they make quite a team!

Come and explore Willowbrook for yourself, then be sure to make it the backdrop for your special event.

We look forward to hearing from you!